My name is Sam French – a successful retail manager, aspiring coach, lover of all things food and hospitality and proud dad of two.

In July 2019 I made the decision to take a journey to alcohol freedom and become a non drinker forever. I also decided to create this website focusing on my personal development and how you can implement great habits into your life.

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I believe and sit in the school of thought that you do not have a brain disease, your biological make-up doesn’t mean you were destined to become a problem drinker or have bad habits and you can re-invent yourself. If your beliefs aren’t aligned with this then maybe this is not the site for you and if they are then that’s great.

This site is not exclusively about alcohol – it is about how changing our habits in life can help us achieve our goals and create a sense of well-being. Indeed I believe the key to freedom is about looking at our lives holistically to discover our true well being.

"I believe that we all have the choice to change our habits 
through perseverance, learning and growth."

Like so many other people I have fallen foul to the alcohol propaganda trap. If you think this sounds a bit extreme then you should follow this blog and website. I believe that we all have the choice to change our habits through perseverance, learning and growth.

In your life this week try and count the number of times direct or indirect references are made to alcohol – I guarantee you’ll lose count.

I hope by sharing my journey, experience and resources to changing habits I can provide you with a method of escape too. Changing habits does not require will power in the long term and is not a loss. You have everything to gain and most importantly you’ll find happiness again.

Join me as I maximise my (and hopefully your) potential through Alcohol Freedom and Healthier Habits.