Week 4 – Momentum & Bucket Lists

I’ve just downloaded an app that enables me to add my bucket list of items to it. I’ve not quite decided what exactly yet but this doesn’t really matter.

I find that allowing myself to dream and picture the future is really helpful. It allows me to create a sense of direction around possibilities and creates a sense of positive and worth around what I am doing.

Of course this is only possible whilst I am not consuming my beautifully packaged poison.

So whilst beautiful holidays in the Maldives, participating in a rally and seeing Janet Jackson in concert might all seem far fetched – they are all indeed possible. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not in a year but the possibility is there – especially if my finances are more in check with less income being quite literally flushed down the drain!

Image result for bucket list

I also most importantly want to discuss with my wife her bucket list – something that she will have thought about but not in any great detail. I’m trying to slowly without pressure open the conversation around possibilities and focusing just a little away from the here and now.

The other thing that I think is important to remember is all the very small and achievable smaller bucket list items – gaze at the stars (done this!), try out yoga (not done this!), swim in the sea (done this!) – simple things regularly will help build and sense of fulfilment and best of all a lot of them cost nothing!

So I was reflecting in my weekly diary on what I have progressed during the last week. Well here goes:

  • successfully navigated another weekend – overcoming one tricky point on Saturday night – oh the cravings. However the cravings were blasted away by mother nature in the most fantastic thunder storm!
  • put our house on the market (small thing BIG impact :))
  • read for inspiration and listened to personal development blogs.
  • been swimming with my daughter (and had a fabulous time).
  • completed several frustrating DIY tasks.
  • ordered a kettle (supporting my new bedtime herbal tea habit – the other one was leaking).
  • controlled my emotions better.
  • made notes in my diary
  • read in the morning (never done this before).

There’s more – but that’s enough for now. Amazing what you can achieve poison free.

So I’m very much into my 30 day challenge – 1 week complete and 3 weeks from my commitment to go completely alcohol free.

I’m utilising the following book (available as an audio book too) by a guy called Kevin O’Hara – he’s very straight talking and has obviously worked his way through the tricky propaganda that is the alcohol industry and found freedom on the other side. I find it useful in the short term to review my drinking in a structured way and with a shorter term goal – it’s easier for my small brain to deal with!

Here’s the link:

As I indicated in my previous post the anticipation of future events and planning is really important for me. I really do think that framing your mind and time right aids unlocking freedom and gives direction.

The ability to visualise myself – a better, healthier and more vibrant me in the future is important for my motivation. Without progress I feel stagnation and this will almost certainly lead to complacency

I hope by sharing my experience so far I have served you in some small way.




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