Week 5 – The Propoganda

The sheer marketing and sales of alcohol is astounding when you look at it with a clear and factual mind.

“This propaganda was never as strong as the weekend I have just spent”

If this product (beautifully packaged poison as I refer to it) came to the Dragons Den today it would never reach the market because of its negative influences on our health and society in general. The Dragons would almost certainly see through the short term benefits and cut straight to the negative effects. “I’m Out” would reverberate around the room.

This propaganda was never as strong as the weekend I have just spent (and a very enjoyable one at that) where I went to a secret cinema in London. Everything about this experience was amazing – an immersive, sense tingling extravaganza where Blader Runner (the original) was brought to life by actors in a gigantic cinema before going to see the movie.

‘Epic is an understatement’ – MTV

‘A fully immersive, once in a lifetime experience’ – i-D

‘A truly innovative fusion of film and live action’ – Guardian

Aside from the point that I am about to make (which to be honest is also a true reflection of the 80s so I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way – complete with Bourbon and Atari adverts) I would 100% recommend going!

You can book tickets here: https://www.secretcinema.org/

Image result for blade runner 1982 poster

… the advertising and setting of the scenes in the 80s are drizzled and littered with a society engulfed in alcohol propoganda – from the Billboard adverts, to the bars and beautifully lit and silhouetted bottles of Bourbon. All to make you think that alcohol provides you with escapism, is the answer to your problems, is the stuff of hard men, is a place where gangsta deals are done …….

So I’m in week 4 of my 30 day challenge and chugging along nicely thank you. The visit I described above was actually very enjoyable and useful for me to prove that I can happily go out and enjoy myself without my crutch that would leave a hangover.

Indeed this last week I have:

  • completed some light exercise
  • updated my personal development plan
  • visited my family
  • went to see Blade Runner Secret Cinema

I’ve been emotionally again in a better place – and I feel my body is recovering (some days I am tired to be honest) but I put this all down to becoming healthier overall.

My routines include:

  • listening to podcasts https://brendon.com/
  • absorbing other peoples experiences of alcohol and lessons they have learned http://alcoholmastery.com/
  • reading informative books
  • nighttime mindfulness (but normally asleep by the time this has been completed – https://www.headspace.com/
  • and attending a weekly group

I will see how this pans out and what I need to adjust going forward but the key learnings for me are:

  • learn from your mistakes
  • have contacts with people who are experiencing the same thing
  • create time space (even if small spaces – 10 minutes)
  • anticipate events and plan for them (like how you will respond and react both emotionally and physically to situations.
  • gain support from those around you.

I will no doubt come to talk about these more in the future but for now I hope I have served you in some small way.

Image result for blade runner bourbon






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