Week 6 – 30 Days of Learning

In 5 years time I would like to look back on myself and view in all it’s glory my first 30 days free from alcohol for ever.

I see a healthier, happier and more vibrant me – smiling back at myself at the new day that lies ahead. I recognise that life has its ups and downs but through all this my focus on my well being and serving others has paid dividends.

I reflect and I see myself as someone who is persevering, growing and learning everyday.

I would recommend whatever your life position around alcohol you try a thirty day challenge. As I celebrate this achievement I have the following things that I have learnt:

  • my health has improved including skin, nails, breathing, voice and heart (yes voice – I can hit higher notes with more clarity).
  • mentally I am in a better position more in check with my emotions (whether good or bad) and able to be level headed in tricky situations.
  • I’ve had more fun and adventures than in the previous months.
  • I’ve been more present for my family and a better dad.
  • I’ve progressed both my career (small steps) and my home life.

The list of detail of things that have improved could fill several pages.

It has really helped to work through four full weekends and to practice my new behaviours – moving away from my old bad habits.

Everyday I have been carrying out small new routines this has helped me move away from my old habits.

Image result for good habits quotes

This has been as simple as introducing some weekly light exercise (a walk) for example. Easily achievable but realistic steps that move me away from alcohol.

The way I see my journey as I sit here now is to put as much distance between myself and alcohol. Alcohol no longer forms part of who I am and cannot form part of anything I do in the future. Whilst I know that there will be times where I will continue to have to overcome barriers (for example going on holiday) these are far smaller than the great walls that lie ahead of me if I were to continue to drink – leading to my ultimate demise.

I hope that this has served you in some small way.



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