Week 7 – Fabulous Hypnotic Routines

Have you ever travelled to work only to reflect on arrival “how the hell did I get here!” … or engrossed yourself so much in a piece of work that time seems to have dissipated – “How did it suddenly become so late?” you ask yourself. We’ve all done this at one time or another.

The mind is so powerful subconsciously that it can work such miracles (and whilst I do not claim to be a professional or qualified) I do know that both these examples are a kind of hypnotism. This is not your show magician style hypnotism trying to make a grown man pretend to be a cuddly poodle (doesn’t give hypnotism a good name really) but your mind showing just how powerful it really is.

The fantastic thing about this is that as I practice my new daily healthy habits things become a little easier and more automatic – the alcohol thoughts are lessening and my “auto-pilot” for what I do next is kicking in.

I’ll give a very simple example – 5 pm 7 weeks ago equalled “thinking drinking time”  – specifically “thinking beer drinking time.” My thoughts now around 5 pm are focused more on “thinking dinner time” and “thinking cup of tea time”.

It is simply by repeating this habit that it is becoming more automatic and I am starting to attach normality to this. This is the wonderful power of the mind that no-one should under estimate. The ability to re-programme – put crudely – a bit like a computer.

This can be used in many other areas of life – whether at work, in our “playtime” in keeping control of our finances – building healthy habits and routines is programmable. “That’s obvious” I hear you say – well it may be but often common sense is not coming practice.

I challenge anyone to say that all their habits are serving them in a positive way and that there are no improvements that they can make.

So I’m feeling strong, a little tired and grumpy in the morning, but generally strong and for now I will continue to do what is working – which is exactly what I have just described.

I like the following very simple info graphic – this one is aimed at food and healthy eating but it can be adapted to any habit.

Image result for healthy habits

from eatable.com.au

I hope this has served you in some small way.




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