Week 8 – Couch to 5 km

I’ve been very clear from the start of my freedom journey that I would gradually make small changes to stepping in the right direction – not rushed or unmanageable but very achievable in their time, target and measure.

It’s all about gradually moving away from my old bad habits towards habits that serve me (and ultimately others) positively.

We’ve all seen the overweight runner out on a January morning after a skin full of food and drink during the festive period. We’ve all witnessed a yo-yo dieter who every so often goes on a full on diet overnight cutting out all the enjoyment in their life. I believe the problem with these approaches is that the overweight runner really doesn’t enjoy running and the reason your friend keeps putting back on the weight is because of their sense of loss – both of these approaches require significant will-power and I know now (after several significant attempts) that will-power does not work.

Consider this – is the runner that you see out every other morning for the whole year on your way to work really hating every minute of it – absolutely not – it’s part of who they are and they feel rewarded and happy by running. Yes it might take some effort some days but fundamentally they are enjoying the experience.

So , what about that person in your life who you are questioning – how have they managed to keep the weight off? I believe it’s quite simply because they are not experiencing loss rather it is adding to their life in a positive way – you’ll even wonder how they are able to consume that large piece of cake at the Christmas do (don’t kid yourself – no they don’t eat it every day!) but they don’t deny themselves the pleasure.

One common theme with all of the above does come back to habits – and making small changes that really are achievable so you don’t experience overwhelm in the case of running and severe loss in the case of dieting. The successful runner progresses in small steps and the diet changes maybe one or two things maximum at once.

In my case I’ve just completed 28 minutes of running today using the couch to 5 km app. You can find it here:


Image result for bbc couch to 5k

The progress starts with walking and running – maybe 90 seconds running and then 90 seconds rest and it gradually build up over 9 weeks to 5 km. To be honest I’ve taken a little longer than this and on the days where I have felt tired or a little rough I have just allowed my body to rest.

I’ve also been running probably on average just twice a week and again this has meant that it has taken longer – but I’m nearly their and really proud and most importantly happier.

I’ve had to control my need to win (this has always been a driver) which is probably one of the reasons I ended up here at freedomalcohol.com. I have this insatiable desire to push myself to the limit (it’s a pre-programmed historical thing) so I’m retraining this mindset to allow myself to be consistent over the long-term.

I hope this has served you in some small way and that my rambles make a little sense. With a full on work and family schedule – delivering the nations food and being the best engaged dad I can I can only devote a minute amount of time to this. However I know that this small investment is a critical cornerstone in my weekly habits.

Continue to persevere learn and grow – all the best.




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