Week 10/11 – The Rewards Are Here … NOW

I’ve just completed another 5 km in thirty minutes. I dragged my butt of the bed and stepped outside … one step, two step … jog, repeat and done. This is the reward of alcohol freedom – it’s here NOW.

The reward isn’t located in the future or in the past. All I believe we can do with the past is learn and apply our experience – it’s no good dwelling. It’s also unacceptable in my mind to remain stationary and not progress – even if that progression still involves a degree of alcohol – oh controversial I hear you say. It’s not really because anyone who is on a journey to maximising their potential through alcohol freedom will have started somewhere.

My learning journey of understanding why I need to move away from alcohol started years ago – not months. It has involved reading, building up my knowledge and carrying out experiments on what does and doesn’t work for me. I knew I needed to go free in 2015 for goodness sake and we are now 2018. However all the things that I have learned – especially where they failed I am applying here and now.

One of the best pieces of advice I ever received when quitting alcohol for the first few days (and everyone’s journey is different) was to reduce in the first instance. I reduced my amount to below 10 units a night and was able to think more clearly and have more clarity to plan for my freedom day. It also aids with REM (rapide eye movement) sleep (the most restorative sleep) if you reduce your quantities of alcohol. So actually when my quite day this year I drank very little the night before and felt quite at ease on day one.

I’m definitely rambling today and I am not in flow – but I am happy and I know I am on the right journey.

I hope this has served you in some small way.





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