Week 14/15 – Reboot

I’ve reached a milestone in that I feel the need to STOP and reflect. Just like a computer that is running a little slow I need a clean up and a reset and my files defragmenting.

We all need that sometimes and it’s often centred around a lack of clarity or sense of direction and therefore reward from our personal progress.

I’m doing really well and I can’t believe that time is passing so quickly and how far I have come.

What is important to remember is just how far I have come during the last 3 months or so – my life quite literally has been turbo boosted like a retro 1980s Japanese super car that has been modified by some over zealous spotty teenager enthusiasts.

All it needs is some simple reflection time and I know one of the most useful tools is the lifestyle balance pie. I’ve mentioned this before but it really is a useful tool or in other terms the “wheel of life.”

Here is an example of a Wheel of Life that will then allow you to go away and maybe break down what areas you need to focus on what and what next steps you will have in these areas:

Wheel Of Life

Quite simply all you do is fill out on a scale of 1-10 your feelings on how each of your life arenas is going (where zero is really bad and 10 is fab and all sorted).

You can change the main titles but it’s really important that they reflect your key value areas in your life that will reflect in you well being.

Here is the embedded link so you can do the same too. Simply make a copy of the document for your files and change your Gradings and Value Titles.

Here’s the link:


I’ll post shortly on next steps and how to co-ordinate these but a good place to start is by breaking down your three lowest scoring areas – so in this example it maybe friendships, adventures and hobbies.

I hope this has served you in some small way.



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