Freedom Day

Here we go …

The first days of any habit change are possibly the trickiest but can also be some of the most rewarding. Why? Because you are working in a different direction to what you have been used to and it can bring a great sense of reward and reset.

We have all  been very quiet here at cracking on with the day today routines of progressing life and enjoying the simple things but one key thing has changed … I have allowed alcohol back in to my life and this has proven to be a big mistake.

I’m not going to dwell on my time from September 2018 until now but rest assured it has not been as good as my time in early 2018 and the progress I made. Most of the positive moves reported on this blog have been undone quite quickly. Don’t get me wrong life is still good and I have moved into a new home, made some great new friends but there’s an underlying drag and tiredness. It’s time to undo this.

Indeed, July is a great month and time to change a habit. The trends like #veganuary and #dryjanuary and #gymmembershipuary have all passed and things seem a little more routine. Plus there are longer days and maybe even some more sunshine.

Whilst I am doing this I am also going to be recording some personal life habits that I now have implemented on a daily basis – and I will share these with you. I have currently got some changes going on at work and at home so we can also record these. Why – because I think they will help you in your first thirty days and you will be able to see how things can progress over the days and month of going free.

Join me on my freedom change day.

I hope my journey will serve you in some small way too.


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