I’m full up with a Chinese from last night … it was very tasty I must say too. I used it to avoid having to cook so that I could focus on being calm.

An episode of Top Gear played in the background whilst my children tried to steal and raid my Singapore noodles. “Go on then” I say loud and proud “sharing is caring as you tell me.”

“Chillllllllllliiiiiiiiiiiii” my elder child shouts as she rushed for the sink. I chuckle to myself … and we both laugh afterwards.

A “messy” nights sleep followed – although according to the ridiculous app I just bought I had over 8 hours deep sleep only waking up once at night. What I mean by this is that it was very disturbed my body quite obviously saying “hello you’ve changed something.”

I awake and I feel a slight sense of trepidation at what lies ahead and I think about ways I can feel strong and build a sense of direction. As expected it feels a little like a day 2 hangover and I’m very dehydrated but because I’m an immediate gratification kind of guy I reach for the coffee. “That’s okay for now” I tell myself “It’s about the first few days being a success.” I also know that I have exacerbated this feeling somewhat by the takeaway and the wonderful natural colouring’s and flavourings it contains … not.

I know in my heart of hearts that truly believing and building into my subconscious that booze has no benefits is at the heart of success along with understanding my “why.”

I’ve joined a group called One Year No Beer as I like what they are about. It’s not a message purely about alcohol but becoming a better self overall – you could call it a more holistic approach if you like. I set an aim in my head of connecting with others (although with some trepidation as I know what I am like at social media).


So “why” am I doing this?

  • Unlock more of my potential – work, home, finances …
  • Improve Health – mental and physical.
  • Find more clarity with my purpose and fulfil more fully my role on this little planet of ours …
  • Find more love and happiness through the above.
  • Connect more with other people to serve them.
  • Be a better father to my children.

That’s probably enough for now but I feel emotionally connected to these and whatever else I know that booze has, will and can stop or significantly slow down these areas.

Today I have resolved to remain calm again, ensure I travel through the evening successfully and navigate if I feel a little edgy and remember that alcohol serves me no benefits – woo hoo – I am free.

Oh and apparently I need to sign up for some kind of challenge at the end of 90 days … mmm what shall I do?

I hope my stories and experiences serve you in some small way.


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