Days 4-14



I’ve been thinking over the last fortnight about the words that most resonate with me about what I learned during the last fortnight.

These words will need to be trained into my mind like a scratched record that jumps over and over again reminding me of the words.In the days that have followed my awakening I have reached out for support and without request received support from those closest to me.

I have cared for myself better both mentally and physically and cleared my mind of some unhelpful patterns … but there is so much more to do. The last fortnight has shown me how easy it is to default to old patterns. The analogy I always use is tooth ache – you can’t wait to the see the dentist for this to go away and resolve your pain and pledge to clean, floss and care for your gums like you have never before – then the pain goes away and old habits involving Haribo (other brands of sweets are available) return.

This is why my mantra words are do important. SO for now or three months my mantra words are going to be DECIDE – COMMIT – RESOLVE.

1/ Decide whats needs doing

2/ Commit whatever else happens to making it work

3/ … and come up with a resolving action.

I have subsequently just realised though a google search that this is something that Tony Robbins uses – maybe I’ve read it somewhere or maybe picked up in my subconscious so I better give credit:

Tony describes it as follows:

“Finding your passion is going to give you tremendous energy, but to maintain the energy you must do the next thing. The decision really is the power that changes you life. Make this decision whilst you are still in a passionate state. If you make a decision without passion you will kill momentum.

“Decision is like war – the internal back and forth until you say “Alright I’m going to make myself do this” After you have made your decision, you must commit that no matter whether it is easy or difficult, you are going to do it. And finally you must resolve. Resolve means it’s done – there is no question what so ever!”

I have DECIDED that my journey to poor health is no more – it stopped a fortnight ago as I wandered the room clinging onto life – as I thought it was all over. Every decision I make whether directly or indirectly has to progress me forward to a better place on that journey to a healthier me.

I COMMITTED to this a fortnight ago on that rainy night at 3 am in the morning as a strange Asian film played in the background that I still do not quite understand to this day. No matter what I must progress – even if that means sometimes a few steps back and the some forward.

I will RESOLVE as I go and resolve that my decision is made and that it is done when my objectives have been met.

For now however it is time to build those action steps … one step at a time but always progressing.


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