Days 15-22 ish

I am going to take back my mornings and be fully nourished by them – well that’s the plan anyway.

To wake up with a clearer mind, take time out before all the “noise” starts and have clarity about my day can only be a positive thing.

I would challenge anybody to the notion that they have never fallen out of bed without direction and intention only to discover that precious hours have been lost and the day has passed by.

I am completing my daily planner and thoughts for the day and I am taking and using my mind when it is at its sharpest.

With the holiday month ahead and for me anyway my work becoming busier I am planning to be healthier during this month that at any other time.

I like this from @Lactiumofficial and I think reflects some of what has been written in “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod.

Something for me to aim for Daily

SO I’m also thinking about my Mantra and as I wrote before the words DECIDE, COMMIT, RESOLVE resonate with me at the moment in particular but also the sense and real understanding that everything I have right now here and in this moment is all I need – or quite simple I have everything I need and I am grateful. Here goes:

“This is my miracle morning and I am grateful. Grateful for the new day whether dark or light, rainy or frosty and the possibilities that lie ahead. Whilst I cannot fully predict what the day might bring I can bring a sense of calm and purpose to it. I have everything I need. I will try and be kind to myself and others. I will progress each day to becoming healthier in small steps through small changes. I will have confidence in reaching out and connecting with others on my journey. With a clear mind and clarity of purpose I can move towards a more vibrant true blueprint of me. At this time I need no more than this. This is all I need. I will aim to Decide, Commit and Resolve whenever it is the right thing to do. This is how I will serve myself and others”


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