It is the start of advent and yesterday we purchased an Advent candle which brought back happy memories of my childhood. As I took my first morning walk of the holiday season yesterday a sense of being far more alive came to me.

I captured the moment by taking a snapshot of some beautiful frosty berries … obviously poisonous or not agreeable with the local bird wildlife as they had been left on the bushes they looked vibrant in their frosty jackets.

This morning is a good day and I awake with a clearer mind and purpose. I am glad that I have been working on my mornings and shuffling my booty our of bed earlier to allow me to prepare for the day. I can already feel the anchoring effects of this routine in my mind and not only does my morning alarm go off but so too does my morning mind kick in. “Take this window of opportunity and maximise and enjoy it” my little brain says.

My priority is my health at this time as Christmas is a busy time for me both at work and home. I have to prioritise this as this is the enabler for me of all other possibilities. The afternoons into evenings are particularly tricky for me because I do gradually become more wound up as my working day goes on – it’s just how I am wired and is quite normal I think.

So I am focusing on having calmer afternoons into evenings – particularly 4pm through until about 8pm and making sure that I listen to my podcasts, maybe meditate a little, eat earlier and find some calm in the family evening.

My affirmations are taking a bit of work because I want them to be true to me and as with everything new they are taking a bit of time to get used to.

I am really conscious of the impact that diet has on how I feel and last night I enjoyed “the ice-cream monster” – it’s just with ice-cream once I start I just can’t stop – fun at the time but my body knows I have over indulged on sugar this morning!

So to remind myself of my “whys” in redirecting my journey –

(1) my family (I want them to see a vibrant me who is happy and crushing life in a positive way)

(2) I have so much more to give and I want to unlock this so I can serve others more

(3) To look after my health (body, mind and spirit) and feel a sense of progression each and every day.

(4) To have more income (not for the sterling value or show) but to allow more goodness for others who I connect with and enable more possibilities.

I hope my rambling thoughts will serve someone, somewhere at some point but for now this is for me.

Happy Advent



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