Day 1 – A Day at a Time & Planning

Here I am again …starting from day 1 – however you know what they say “a marathon starts with a first step.” In fact in October 2021 I’m signed up for a half marathon a year from now. Goodness knows it seems a long way away but I am determined to get there.

My aim is to complete this half marathon comfortably because of all the benefits that looking at my life holistically has brought starting with the removal of alcohol.

It’s my day off from work and I have woken up not with a hangover but in the usual way I do these days – just numb really (of course it is a hangover but my body is so accustomed to it it doesn’t feel like one). I’m tired and I mean really tired from life (work, eat, drink, sleep, repeat). I’d usually just use today to re-cooperate, carry out some essential chores and await the evening for a little light relief of a few beers.

when you get sick and tired of being sick and tired, you'll change. - Post  by bajalan on Boldomatic

However today I’ve had enough of being sick and tired. You could say “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.” Physically – my knee and toe hurts, I ache inside and I’ve been experiencing various different signs that my body requires a rest and some TLC. I find it really hard to focus on anything for a sustained period of time.

The aim today therefore is to “get through today.” The things I must do to help are:

x take it easy and not rush today – aim to pull myself back into the present and not rush.

x drink plenty of water.

x eat well (and early tonight to remove cravings). Take my vitamins (for those that I am lacking) and buy those I am out of stock of.

x go to bed on time – if not a little early

x create a calming 5 o’clock to 8 o’clock atmosphere (tidy, candles right temperature etc.)

That’s enough for today. I know I’ll need to return to some good healthier habits like meditation, mindfulness, taking a day at a time, finding some calm space but this will all be in good time.

I hope in the future this may somehow serve you to in some small way.



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