5 Steps to Alcohol Freedom Plan

Coming soon my easy “5 Steps to Alcohol Freedom” Plan …

Introduction: (April 2015)

My five step plan will only help you if you are ready to be helped and take responsibility for your life.

It’s important to recognise that this plan is aimed at individuals who are what I would describe as “functioning.”

For example, you might be holding down a career, have a family, friends and are perceived as outwardly “normal” to those around you. However, deep down inside you know that you have a problem whether you are ready to act upon it or not.

It is not aimed at people who need urgent medical intervention, who are drinking 24/7 and are an immediate danger to themselves and others around them.

I have to highlight I am not medically qualified and if you feel you need professional intervention I am not your man for the job. Go seek help from your local Doctor or GP.

If you are reading this it is highly likely that you know you have a problem so I would like to congratulate you in the first instance. You’ll need to be in a place where you are ready to commit to a date when you are going to stop.

However, before committing to this date you will need to complete step 1 – the “route cause analysis” and this will involve some soul searching. Without taking this step seriously you will fail at the other steps even if you travel through 2 or 3 of them successfully. Why? because becoming alcohol free is strongly focused on the power of the mind, self development and holding yourself to account for your life actions.

I am going to take you on a journey from believing that life is better with alcohol to being absolutely clear that that is not the case. I am going to convince you that the only way you will maximise your life and potential is by becoming alcohol free.

Along the way I will provide you with some tools to help. You will probably find that these tools are applicable to other areas in your life and I encourage you to use these in anyway you feel helps.

In the first instance alcohol is your problem however longer term you will come to realise that this is not the case and you are harbouring other problems that you are not taking responsibility for.

More on this and the lead up to step 1 in April …


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