Days 1-10

Day 1: Tired and feeling lethargic and unwell I start the 365 day challenge but with great optimism and positivity for my new commitment.

Day 2: A little cloudy but positive and feeling the vibe I make my commitment to why I am doing this. It’s so important to be emotionally connected to the “why”

Day 3: I talk briefly about my freedom history and why this is it – there’s no more space for a pint anymore it just does not serve me.

Day 4: Looking at the future. I think about who I would like to be in a years time as a focus as to why I am doing this.

Day 5 – Why oh why am I doing this – I ask the question again. It’s the weekend coming up and I talk about anticipating this and finding space at the end of the week for me.

Day 6 – Growth Mindsets – I talk very briefly about why this is important to me. I hope to talk in more detail in the future about the relevance of this to going free.

Day 7: I reach a week and ramble a little about exercise and how time has flown.

Day 8: Weekend Review – what have I learned and starting to refocus my energy on the week ahead – realising how hard I work and the importance of resting.

Day 9: I review the Benefits – feeling positive I reflect on the benefits even this small amount of time has had.